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Volleyball Serving Drills - Best Volleyball Drills

Volleyball Serving Drills 10 Serves In Purpose To reinforce the principles of a proper serve technique and of serving it inside the court Setup Divide your players into groups of 3-4Give each group 2-3 ballsTwo groups will start, one

5 Volleyball Serving Drills to Improve Consistency and ...

5 Volleyball Serving Drills to Improve Consistency and Accuracy 1. Target Practice. Players compete against each other to be the first to hit the target enough times to score a... 2. Feed the Snake. Players attempt to serve to a precise spot on the court to a teammate that is seated on the floor. ...

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3 Effective, Fun Volleyball Serving Drills - stack

Fun Volleyball Serving Drills Serve ‘n Sprint. This highly effective drill teaches players to sprint on the court directly after they serve the ball. Target Aim. Place a ball cart in any zone on the court, preferably the two back corners on the opposite side of the net. Amoeba. This drill has a time ...

3 Volleyball Drills for Serving | ACTIVE

Volleyball Drill No. 1: Arm Toss. Right-handed players stand with left foot slightly ahead of right foot. Hold ball in left hand and extend the arm straight out from body at a 90-degree angle. (Left-handed players will be exactly opposite.)

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As a coach, one drill that works on multiple skills is a valuable tool. “Sprint and Serve” combines conditioning and serve accuracy for volleyball players to improve on. In addition to being a great drill, our Nike Volleyball Camp directors use "Sprint and Serve" as a fun warm up drill at camp. This drill is effective for players of all skill levels and is great for mastering the fundamentals.

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3 Volleyball Drills to Improve Pressure Serves | ACTIVE

First: Ensure that your team has warmed up and stretched. Also allow your players to practice serving for a few minutes. For each drill: Every player needs two balls. All players get on one side, at the endline. There's a coach on the other side to keep score. Players may serve their balls as fast as they wish.

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The 5 drills are: Block, Reset, Fall Back Watch the Hitter Cover the Net Triple Block Exhaustion Don’t Fear the Seam

Best Serve Receive Drill - Strength and Power Volleyball

How the serve receive drill works. For this drill you need two passers, a server, a target, and person to signal points for deep serves. This drill can be either competitive or cooperative. One variation would be competitive...servers vs passers. Set a time limit, for example, 3 minutes.