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POWERSORB Tennis - The Only Weighted Tennis Vibration Dampeners

For the first time, tennis players can now change the weight of their racquet by vibrasorb easily and accurately with POWERSORB Weighted Vibration Dampeners.

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Also, vibration dampeners differ in weight...some are only 2-3 grams while others like the worm dampeners are at least twice as heavy. I personally might be able feel the difference of a 2-3 gram dampener, but I know for certain that I can feel the difference of one that is 5-7 grams....it only takes a few grams to change the balance of a racquet by 1/2 pt.

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At the very top of the racquet, however, there's rarely enough room there. At the extreme left or right of the frame, which doesn't seem very logical. Although a dampener only weighs ~5g and probably won't affect the balance of the frame dramatically, having it in the middle of racquet head just looks weird.

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Its weight is 0.18 ounces, round shape, and a small one contains very lightweight. It is available in the pack of two dampeners. It is available in three different color combinations. Furthermore, This racquet works as the best tennis racquet dampener due to its unique features. Check Price on AMAZON

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The short version is that a tennis racket vibration dampener (also known as a tennis racket shock absorber) is a little piece of rubber that gets inserted between a couple strings at the bottom of the head of a tennis racket. Tennis dampeners come in many shapes, sizes, materials and styles but all have the same intended goal: To reduce racket ...

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The other caveat is the weight. This dampener is heavy (for a dampener). At least twice as heavy (probably heavier in actuality) as my Head dampener. It's heavy enough that it throws off the racquet's balance when it's installed in the 'normal' dampener install point (pushed up flush against the bottom cross).

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Sorbs Tennis Dampeners. For a very decent price you can get 12 different tennis dampeners. They look Emoji like in their design, and have 3 different bundle options – Winners, Champs and Aces. The fact that they come as a set of 12 gives you a ton of options to mix things up regularly. All in all, an awesome little bundle for a pretty decent ...