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Basketball: Rules Violations

One of the basic ideas of the sport of basketball is that you have to dribble or bounce the ball while you are walking or running. When you have stopped dribbling one of your feet will become your pivot foot. You cannot move your pivot foot or lift it off of the ground. If you do, this is called traveling.

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Here are the different kinds of violations: Out-of-bounds: being the last player to touch the ball before it goes out-of-bounds. Double dribble: dribbling the ball before picking it up and dribbling again. Carry: scooping the ball to carry it while dribbling.

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Upon ending his dribble or gaining control of the ball, a player may not touch the floor consecutively with the same foot (hop). PENALTY: Loss of ball. The ball is awarded to the opposing team on...

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Accidentally striking the ball with the foot and leg is not a violation. Striking the ball with the fist is also a violation and results in loss of possession. Lane Violations (3 Seconds) An offensive player may not be in the key area for more than 3 seconds at a time. The count resets on a shot or loss of possession.

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Dribbling Violations If a player breaks any of these dribbling rules, a violation will be called by the referee. Violations result in a turnover and the other team getting the ball.

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Double dribble is simply an illegal dribble that is caused by the players during the match. The players cause the double dribble violation when they start to dribble the ball again after their first dribble or when the ball has come to rest.

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Double Dribble . Two acts fall under this category of violation. First up, dribbling the ball by touching it with both hands at the same time; is a common mistake made by newcomers. For the second scenario, just suppose you dropped the ball. Now if you pick it up again, it’s a double dribble, even if you do that with one hand.

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If a player moves with the ball without dribbling, it is a violation. Even switching the foot between dribble is a traveling violation. Palming. This violation happens when the player has their palm too much on the basketball side while dribbling it. If their palm reaches underneath the ball, it is a violation also. Double Dribble Violation